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SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD.


       Prices Policy

Subject to the supply and demands as well as the serious aspects of our Concept, the Prices Policy is related to the deliverables. 

                 InterConsult21 has no responsibility about the contents of any Advertising.
         InterConsult21 have the right to refuse publishing Advertising without giving any reason. 
         Advertising is limited and is granted on (First Order / First Serve) Basis. 
         Prices are based on submitting a ready-designed ad in GIF or JPG format. Design by InterConsult21 is also
          available at special prices.
         Advertising in Global Places will be displayed permanently for at least one year, renewable, along with 
          others 21. Advertising is further classified in almost one to one unique basis.
         Advertising in Country Places will be displayed permanently for at least one year, renewable, along with
          others 10. Advertising is further classified in almost one to one unique basis.
         Advertising in Core Business Places in a Country will be displayed permanently for at least one year,  
          renewable, along with others 21. Advertising is further classified in almost one to one unique basis.
         All Advertising sizes are fixed in pixels.
         Advertiser can utilize the designated space to the best of their own Business. This may include one or more
          of the following format:

        o        Text (delivered in English or in Microsoft Note-Pad if in different language)
o        Logo (GIF or JPG) if available with link to the Advertiser Web.
o        Link Text to the Advertiser Web if available.   
o        Optional Contact data (e.g., email address, telephone number, Fax).

                 Advertiser with AAAGB can submit News about their Business in Microsoft Note-Pad or html format
FREE of Charge. The rules of submit will be further defined.
         Updates of the Advertising are possible against reasonable fees. The Advertising materials should be
         received one week before the publishing date requested.
         InterConsult21 receives full payment upon filling out the order.
Cancellation Policy: A 100% refund for cancellation notices received in writing three weeks before the
        publishing date, a 50% refund if received two weeks before the publishing date and no refund if received
        one week before the publishing date.


The Advertising Places are very limited, subject for availability on (First Order / First Serve). Contact us NOW and Market your Company Locally, Nationally or Globally

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