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Our Shopping site can give you a total picture, panorama and a window on what we can do to your Company.
From here, you can have a panorama and window on our entire Concept. InterConsult21 is not a closed directory.

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We have simplified and integrated our delivery in few categories. Non Profit Organizations are Free.
Integrated "Features / Products" under categories are included with short descriptions.
In brief:
InterConsult21 links the World together and makes it possible to do straight Business-2-Business professionally.
Any Company or Organization in any Business, Service in any City in any Country in the World can establish contact and Business in its field of Business or Service in its target geographical marketing segment locally, nationally and globally.

Our scope Our Geographic scope Our Search Engine
 is from Agriculture to Wind Energy Businesses,
Art to Taxi Services
as well as
Post to Police National Services.
 is covering 239 Countries in 5 Regions
(Far East, Middle East and Africa, Europe, North and South America and Islands and other Nations).
 is Business oriented. It spreads over more than 50000 Websites.

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