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6. КСО - Корпоративная социальная ответственность

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility.

InterConsult21's staff of highly qualified professionals are dedicated to the goals of the Company to promote global economic growth and stability, and raise living standards and employment.
InterConsult21 is supporting the global Impact of the United Nations.
InterConsult21 endorsing the United Nations 10 Principles out of firm believe in the merits of each Principle and out of our mission and contribution to the Globalization efforts.

Upon the registration of your Company, we urge you to select as many as applicable items from the CSR menu. It will improve your contact and add values to your Company.

Guide list of improvements as contribution to its Corporate Social Responsibility.

Internal Environment Improvement: External Environment Improvement:
- Anti Corruption
- Packing
- No Abuse of Children
- Sewage and Water Waste
- Healthy conditions
- No Discrimination
- Right to join Associations
- Danger Materials
- Environment Friendly Materials
- Safety and Security
- Medical and First Aid Help
- LCA Live Cycles Assessment
- Fire Safety and Protection
- Forced Working Conditions
- Working hours and Pause
- Training
- Working Environment Procedures
- Operation Conditions
- Air Condition Systems
- Health Care Improvement
- Lightening conditions
- Psychic Conditions
- Residency and Sleeping conditions
- Rubbish and Recycling
- Air Pollution
- Chemical Pollution
- Equal Opportunity
- Same Salary for Same Work
- Law Minimum wages
- Temperature
- Toilet and Bath conditions
- etc. etc.
- Improving and supporting the surrounding
- National and global
- Sport activities
- Youth skills
- Literacy
- Cultural activities
- Unemployment.