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Why Us?

- No Cookies
InterConsult21 - International Consultant of the 21 Century
Why using our Concept?

We do not use Cookies,
no online marketers to encourage Backward Promotion,
minimum Social Media Promotion,
we encourage Transparency and Corruption free Businesses,
we increase the visibility of our members,
we comply with
the "Right to be Forgotten Regulation".
 we introduce a Black list to warn and avoid dealing with Fraud entities,

Integrate and link the world at local, national and global levels.
Integrated World Wide Concept
Connect Businesses, Services of any City in the World at Local Basis with access to Global B2B Search Engine.
Assens City
Connect all Cities of any Country and their Companies at National basis with access to Global B2B Search Engine. Municipalities and Cities in Alphabetic Order. All Danish Cities
Connect all Countries and their Cities, Businesses and services at Global Basis  linking 239 Countries with access to Global B2B Search Engine


Cookies Description Use / Abuse Impact on Companies Observation
Cookies are used for tracking clients / customers.
Good to use for example to track Newsletters.

Abused by third parties to trace and send malicious viruses and promotion.
Constant Attack from:

Harmful Malware, Hijack Browser, WebSearch Hijackers, Redirect Virus, Isearch.Omiga-Plus, Spyware Cookies, Advert, Adware Multiplug,  Qone8 Hijack your browser,  Adware.Browse Pulse, Adware Sale Charger, Adware SuperWeb, PuP.FileOpener, Adserver, Adtech, Advertising, Atlas, Atwola, CasaleMedia, Mediaplex, ProMarket, Servedby, PornHub, Tradedoubler, TribalFusion, Zedo, Media, Serving-sys, etc., etc.
We present below a Video with Virus attack because of Cookies.

We implement and run Software to protect against Cookies and their potential threat.

Spying, using FALSE Danish Law Statements and Police to steal money!
Watch the spelling mistakes and Paragraphs!

Cookies and Virus

Backward Promotion Track your Search. Abused by Online Marketers to track your search and keep send you links even after your selection. No value to Advertisers.
- Drains of resources on false expectation.
- Irritates and creates negative image of the Advertisers.
We present below life examples videos* from March 2015.
* Videos about Backward Marketing.

The following Videos are created to highlight how Marketers are tracing Searching and then keep sending links to the different Websites.
Sample of listed Companies (Softlayer - Oister - IXWeb, Expres Bank, Dustin, Momondo - Booking - GF, Alitalia, Transfer Wise) are known to us from long time ago, yet Marketers keep sending them. This kind of tracing is breach of privacy and draining the resources for the Company in questions without real add.

Softlayer - Oister - IXWeb Express Bank
Dustin Momondo - Booking - GF
Alitalia Transfer Wise

Social Media Promotion Social Media, as it given by its name, is good to exchange faces and personal daily events. Good to use for events (e.g., Birthdays and general promotion).

Hackers abuse Social Media to:
Spreading viruses
- Getting private info
- Steal and sell individual information.

Social Media are having security and privacy issues being used to spy on individuals and even encourage crimes.
- Social Media are not searchable by unique features.
- Companies may be a subject of  attack with serious consequences.

- EU is raising serious concern.

 ... "
Facebook did not accept that it was bound by the national privacy legislation of Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany"
Facebook vs. InterConsult21 Business Search Engine

Are EU Data Protection Laws enforceable in Practice?


Transparency Is a tool to reveal Corruption Useful indicator. Countries with low corruption empower their Companies and encourage Investors. Transparency International - 2014


Visibility Is important to create awareness and essential for Marketing. Is used to increase visibility in related selected Marketing Segments. Increase the visibility of potential Customers. AIIB - Members 2015


Right to be Forgotten regulation in the European Union.  We comply with a "Right to be Forgotten" regulation in the European Union. Companies have the right - under certain conditions - to ask search engines to remove links with information about them. We remove content from our search results in cases upon requests from its owner.


Black List Is a list of Companies that are proved to be Fraud. Use as check to warn others not to deal with. - Protect Business
- Reveals criminals
- Empower Transparency world wide.
We present videos of
Black List and will update it progressively to protect against Fraud


World Child Care - Children of America Witter Walwyn

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