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 InterConsult21 Terms of Service. Danish.

Terms of Services
1. Business Scope and Globalization

2. Limited Advertising Places

3. Delivery of Package (Service)

4. What is the cost InterConsult21s VUCCC Concept?

5. Subscription Terms of InterConsult21




9. Payment



11. Refund - Returns

12. Extended Refund

13. Consent to beginning work

14. Auto Renewal Policy-Credit Card Orders

Subscription Cancellation Policy (Europe)


17. Customer Data

Enquiry / Reclamation


20. Amendment

InterConsult21 owns and operate AAAGB, Glooobi, Global Business-2-Business, World Class Company, World Class City and World Class Services websites.
InterConsult21 hereafter referred to as Part One and the Customer, hereafter referred to as Part Two agreed on the following terms:

Part Two purchases Advertising Area(s) in InterConsult21 Web sites. Each Area is defined by pixels.

Part Two may locate their Advertising in any Place in the World and at any Language for the available Core Businesses of InterConsult21. The Advertising materials should be in text, html, pictures, videos or document format. Part Two is fully responsible for all delivered materials.

Part Two should translate the Advertising materials to the local language of the selected market(s) if requested. Part One may assist in finding professional Translators.

Part Two may deliver News related to their Business to their own Country or to any Country in the World at English or any other Language after approval of certified translator.

Part One is responsible for developing, maintaining and updating all the Software and Webs as well as the uploading of the Customers data as determined by the overall operation of InterConsult21.

1. Business Scope and Globalization

Part One is professionally targeting the needs for the available Core Businesses, Services, National Information, and contribution to the Globalization efforts through World Class Companies. Part One will not accept any Advertising materials that harm the Core Businesses, Services and National Information and the Globalization efforts. Part One reserves the right to cancel this Agreement in the events of doubts about the scope of the Customer.

2. Limited Advertising Places

Part One is committed not to increase the number of available Advertising Places to any category. Part One undertakes continuous improvement to maximize promotion of Part Two.


Part Two is fully responsible for the contents of the delivered material and links to his own Business. Part One is not responsible for any delivered materials. Part Two is advised to keep a copy of all submitted materials as stated in the Terms and Conditions. Part One may cancel the Agreement upon justified complaints from third party.

3. Delivery of Package (Service) - Order Purchase:

Our delivery of Package involves online (digital content) that are not delivered on physical media and described therefore as Order Purchase, our delivery are specially customized to for your business.

Delivery is within 15 days after registration, sending of your Company’s logo, approving of payment and the expiry of withdrawal deadline.

4. What is the cost InterConsult21s VUCCC Concept?
You can choose between "Add Site Only" or from one of three Integrated Packages of InterConsult21.

4.1. Summary of Delivery of "Add Site Only", the Integrated packages, yearly fees, Standard Prices and Offer in both Danish kroner "DKK" and "EURO":

Delivery Summary First time Setup Standard Offer
      Net Prices per
exclusive VAT
Net Prices per
exclusive VAT
Add Site Only   None 375 DKK / 50 EURO Save 20%
300 DKK / 40 EURO
Package I Add your Business to our B2B Search Engine. Accessed from 239 Countries.
Add Business Profile to your Company.
(Including 9 integrated Features).
600 DKK / 80 EURO 750 DKK / 100 EURO Save 20% and
Setup Fees
600 DKK / 80 EURO
Total Save
Package II Package I Plus: Add your Business to our 5 Regions. 
(Including 18 integrated Features).
750 DKK / 100 EURO 938 DKK / 125 EURO Save 20% and
Setup Fees
750 DKK / 100 EURO
Total Save
Package III Package II Plus: Add advanced Features. 
(Including 34 integrated Features).
900 DKK / 120 EURO 1125 DKK / 150 EURO Save 20% and
Setup Fees
750 DKK / 120 EURO

Total Save

Intensive Marketing for Package III*
within 15 days after accepting InterConsult21’s options. 

* Subject for availability.

5. Subscription Terms of InterConsult21

InterConsult21 uses Secure Payment System

All our payments are powered and made through leading Payment System.

All information is sent encrypted (SSL-encrypted). 
We do not store your card details, but present them directly to DIBS, which ensures that the amount is deducted from your account. Intruders have therefore no opportunity to intercept your payment information when sent from your computer to us and on to DIBS. 
If you pay with an international credit card, using DIBS secure. 3D secure is an extra security for you who use credit cards. The amount is debited from your credit card when your ordered items are delivered from us. There can never be deducted an amount higher than that authorized by you when ordering.

Under revision.

Payment Options

- Information about credit cards:
  We accept the following Credit Cards:

· Dankort
· VISA / Dankort
· Mastercard

"InterConsult21" uses a payment gateway from DIBS. Communication with this payment is tested by PBS and other card issuers and acquirers. All Card data is sent encrypted so your information is secured. If we are not able to deliver the whole package, we can reduce your payment to the new order total. We can not increase the amount if you want to add one or more services.

- Receipt:
delivered to the account specified email address.

- New Card / New Account:
Renewing / Deleting card number (for example, if the customer change maps).

If you want to change the map data, it is necessary to contact "InterConsult21" e-mail: E-mail must contain the full name and registered email address.

- More information about immediate payment:

You can choose to pay directly via Netbank in these banks:

· Nordea

The amount is transferred directly to "InterConsult21 Global B2B" account.

If you later want to cancel the order, it is necessary to contact "InterConsult21" e-mail: to get a refund as this can not be done automatically. E-mail must contain the full name, registered e-mail address and account number to which we must return the money.

- Termination


This subscription terms (hereinafter defined as the "Terms") are accepted by:
- checking the box "I have read and accept InterConsult21 
Terms and Conditions, Terms of Services and Subscription Terms " on the order form,
- using the concept or services or express acceptance. The acceptance is between InterConsult21 Global B2B, CVR numbers 26762480, Willemoesgade 5, st., 5610 Assens - Denmark (hereinafter "InterConsult21") and the customer (hereinafter "Customer"). If the Customer is, a legal person,   accepting these terms are on behalf of the Customer. This service is business to business.


- The subscription is effective upon ordering and runs until terminated in accordance with these Terms.

- New Customers has a free 14-day withdrawal.

- The first billing period runs from the delivery of commissioned service.


- Customer is granted in accordance with these Terms a non-exclusive right to use InterConsult21 resources of selected package, made available as online service. Customer shall not acquire Package contents or a copy or part thereof and shall not acquire any right to settle or market InterConsult21s service without written consent.

- In the package content or InterConsult21s website, an overview of subscription type and selected services are given. For individual functions and services, independent additional conditions may be requested to be accepted.

- The right to use the concept applies exclusively to the Customer and its legal representative. Customer represents and has the full responsibility of the third parties, which the Customer provides access to concept or using Customer's log in details.

- The Customer is not entitled to transfer subscription to a third party, in completely or in part, or to provide access to the concept to a third party.

- The customer must ensure that the concept is not used in a way that may harm InterConsult21s name, reputation or goodwill, or which are contrary to applicable law or other regulation.

9. Payment

First time Payment:
Is started upon registration of the Company and payment in our Shopping Cart.
Second time Payment:
The 1st day of the month that the delivery is occurred plus 1.
Renewable Payment: 1st day of the month / year that follows the Second Payment.

(Example 1: Registration of Company and First time Payment: 2 February 2015 - Monthly. 
Month of Delivery: February 2015.
Second time Payment: 1st April 2015
Renewable Payment: 1st May 2015).

(Example 1: Registration of Company and First time Payment: 2 February 2015 - Yearly. 
Month of Delivery: February 2015.
Second time Payment: 1st April 2015
Renewable Payment: 1st April 2016).

(Example 2: Registration of Company and First time Payment: 20 February 2015 - Monthly.
Month of Delivery: March 2015.
Second time Payment: 1st May 2015
Renewable Payment: 1st June 2015).

(Example 2: Registration of Company and First time Payment: 20 February 2015 - Yearly.
Month of Delivery: March 2015.
Second time Payment: 1st May 2015
Renewable Payment: 1st May 2016).

Danish Company pay VAT.


- Payment terms are 8 days net from invoice date.

- If due subscription is not timely, “reminder 1” will be send without fee 7 days after the invoice due date. If subscription is still not paid, 10 days later “reminder 2” will be send with fee of DKK 100.00. If payment is still not received within 7 days after “reminder 2”, access to the concept stop. Access to the concept reopened after received payment unless InterConsult21 cancels the subscription.

- Customer agrees that invoices and reminders sent by e-mail to the Customer given e-mail address shall be deemed delivered when sent by InterConsult21.

- The then-current prices can be found on InterConsult21s website and can be changed by posting on the website with one month's notice to the end of a quarter. Same goes for changes to the composition and content of subscription plans and services. All prices are excl. VAT.

11. Refund - Returns

The delivery of our integrated packages involves online (digital content) that are not delivered on physical media.
Orders are reviewed and treated individually. Every Membership is processed uniquely and differently. 
Your purchase is described as "order purchase", with a package delivery that is especially tailored to your business.

You have NO right of refund when concluding agreements on:
 - Items that are made especially for you - so called "order purchase".
 - Refund Deadline expires from the date the agreement was signed. *

12. Extended Refund

Despite that you have NO right of refund when concluding agreements with us, and before we begin to work with your "order purchase" you basically have 14 days right to refund when you shop with us. Cancellation of your "order purchase" must be in writing and InterConsult21 Standard Cancellation Form of Order Purchace as shown in this link.

Cancellation should be in written and send to the InterConsult21's e-mail contact address shown in this link.

This means that we can postpone our start to work on your "order purchase" 14 days ahead.

13. Consent to beginning work

If you want us to work on the "order purchase" before the refund expires, you should give your consent to beginning work, and to drop the right to refund when the "order purchase" is fully delivered.

*) Danish Consumer Contracts entered into force d. 13 / 6-2014.

ReferenceTerms of Services.

14. Auto Renewal Policy-Credit Card Orders

If Part Two pays by Credit Card (e.g., VISA or MasterCard,) and checked the Auto Renew box on the order form, the Service will be automatically renewed unless the Credit Card is denied. If the account is auto renewed, Part Two will receive a renewal notification. Part Two may cancel the Service Agreement 30 days prior of the auto-renewal registration.
Cancellation should be in writing giving the reasons for the termination and send to the InterConsult21's e-mail contact address shown in this link

If you signed up for Auto Payment and your Company is located in one of the countries listed below, you have a right to cancel your subscription within 14 calendar days. If you exercise this right, we will refund the subscription fees you have paid and your account will be closed.

How to Exercise this Right

You must exercise this right of cancellation by sending a written notice of cancellation to InterConsult21's e-mail contact address shown in this link. or contacting InterConsult21 Europe in writing at Willemoesgade 5, st. Assens 5610, Denmark, and providing the following details:

·         Your account username
·         Your country
·         That you want to cancel your subscription under this cancellation policy

You may also exercise your right of cancellation by completing this cancellation form and submitting it to us in accordance with the instructions on that form.

You do not need to provide a reason why you are cancelling, but we would be interested in hearing why.

If you have sent us this notice within the applicable time frame, your subscription payment will be reimbursed within 14 days of your sending of the notice of cancellation.

If the time periods above have lapsed, you may still cancel auto-renewal on your account by following these instructions.

Applicable Countries

The 14-day time period starts on the date you receive an email confirming your subscription is active. This cancellation policy applies to the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Sweden, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia.


- The customer can cancel the subscription to the concept, to the end of a calendar quarter (unless otherwise stated in the description or the terms of the specific performance).

- InterConsult21 can unsubscribe at 6 months' notice to the end of a calendar quarter, or without notice at Customer's material breach of these Terms or the Customer's bankruptcy or insolvency.

17. Customer Data

- The parties agree that Customer owns and is free to dispose of their own data in concept. 

- InterConsult21 reserves the right to delete Customer data 90 days after the end of the subscription for any reason, and InterConsult21 has no obligations to retain data after this time.

- InterConsult21 is entitled to keep the Customer's data after stopping to use these in anonymous form for statistics and analysis.

- InterConsult21 may in exceptional cases where it is after InterConsult21s assessment is deemed proper and reasonable, for example, from a loss of value account give third parties and authorities access to Customer's data, including in connection with the judgment, authority, Customer's bankruptcy, death, or the like.


18. Enquiry / Reclamation

If you have Enquiry / Reclamation * about our service and delivery of your “Order Purchase”, please follow the following steps:
1.    Use our Contact Us from the Shopping Cart:
2.    Fill your FULL Name and e-mail * address.
3.    At the Enquiry box:
       - Type: Subject of the Enquiry (e.g., Reclamation)
       - Write your text

4.    Click send
5.    A confirmation will appear after sending;
       Your enquiry has been successfully sent to the Store Owner.

6.    We will answer your e-mail within 3 business working days.

* In order to send Reclamation, you must use your registered e-mail address with us.

19. Agreement

This agreement is considered as principle Agreement between the Two Parties. The Agreement may be replaced with the same terms and conditions.
This Agreement is valid for one month renewable unless terminated by any party.
Part Two should notify Part One about the termination 1 month prior to the date of the Auto Renewal expiration.
Termination should be in written and send to InterConsult21's e-mail contact address shown in this link..
Part One should notify Part Two in written by e-mail about the termination 2 months prior to the date of the Auto Renewal expiration.
All terms and conditions and revealed information from either party are considered confidential.

20. Amendment

InterConsult21 is entitled to amend these Terms in every respect. The then-current Terms will be available at InterConsult21s website. InterConsult21 is obliged to give reasonable notice (1 month) in connection with any amends by posting notices on the website.
InterConsult21 should notify their Customers and any other party related to InterConsult21 in writing via e-mail of any amends before it is published.

Customer and any other party has the right to terminate their agreement with InterConsult21 for any amends.

Using the concept after amendment of these Terms constitutes an acceptance of such revised Terms. It is the Customer's obligation to continuously keep themselves updated with amends of Terms.

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