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InterConsult21 - International Consultant of the 21 Century
Integrated Concept


Standard Packages (Prices in Danish Kroner "DKK" / EURO)

All prices are Net prices Exclusive VAT.

All prices are given with 3 years guarantee.
Setup Fees are only payable with first time registration. Setup Fees are not requested during the offer.

All Prices ** Exclusive VAT **


Add Site Only: FREE


Standard Prices

Add Site Only: 375 DKK / 50 EURO

* Setup Fees are only payable with first time registration. 
Setup Fees are not requested during Free Offer.

** All prices are given with 3 years guarantee. 

On Demand
Additional Not Standard Services*

Consultancy* For Package II or Package III. Assisting in concluding deals.
Editing* The Company Profile and assisting in building Top Placed
Logo - Design* Company Logo
Web Design* Entire Company Web Design
Offers - Wanted - for Sale One Month Fees - start from (75 DKK / 10 EURO)
FREE for Package III
Non Profit Organizations FREE

* Fees after agreement and varies from service to service and contracts to contracts. (Please Contact us).
Prices of these Services are calculated by changing the Quantity of the Unit Price.

Shopping Cart:
Our Shopping site can give you a total picture, panorama and a window on what we can do to your Company. 

From there, you can have a panorama and window on our entire Concept. InterConsult21 is not a closed directory.

- Viewing the Shopping Cart:
You can view the result of your Shopping every time you add an item or at the end of Shopping. A box appears at the upper part of the Shopping Cart.

the Shopping Cart is translated to several languages to ease the interface between potential members and the entire concept.
- Minimum order: 
the Cart has minimum order amounts that varies from time to time. You will not be able to proceed if your purchased items are below the Minimum order. 

- Refund:
You have the right to full refund within 14 days after the approval and transfer of your payment.

- Request for information:
Upon shopping you will be requested to specify the number (Quantity) of your selected items which is by default is 1. 

- Recalculate:
If you change the selected Package, please make sure to update the Shopping by click on the recalculate bottom. To de-select an item, click on remove or type zero (0)  in the (Quantity) of that particular item. 

Remember to update the (Quantity) or Click on (Recalculate).

- Payment: 
Being Global, Our Payment System is Secured World Wide. We are using the Best Bank in Europe to process your Payment. You can pay via: 
  • Credit Card: 

DIBS - Payments made easy
DIBS DK Visa Visa Electron MasterCard Maestro JCB American Express
  • Bank Transfer. (Please Contact and notify us about the selected package / service, charged amounts and date of purchasing. Please allow for Bank delays).

- VAT / Tax
If you buy from certain Countries, then you must pay the requested VAT / MOMS for the sub totals. Otherwise you are responsible to administrate your purchase with your local Authorities. We have no responsibility for your payment to your local Authorities. 

- E-mail:

Being in our email list guarantees you that we will NEVER give your address. In addition, we never publish your email in auto-traced text format to avoid Mechanical Spiders. You are strongly advice to use your Company's E-mail.

- Contact Us:    PLEASE Copy and Paste.

Go to Shopping Cart  Go to the Secured Shopping Cart. Select a Package and Click on the Cart or [View Cart] 

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